Criminal Law

Criminal Law can be defined as a system of laws concerned with punishment of individuals who commit crimes.

A crime is any act or omission in violation of a law prohibiting the action or omission. Also,each state has its own criminal code.

Different types of criminal offences :

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Crime #1 robbery

Robbery is defined as s defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property, by means of force or fear; that is, it is a larceny or theft accomplished by an assault.

Intresting facts about robbery crime

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  1. The maximum term for a robbery is 5 years in state prison
  2. Robberys are usually second degree felons
  3. 22% of major robberys are sucessful

Muder Crimes

The definition of murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

A 2013 global study on homicide by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime found that males accounted for about 96 percent of all homicides. One of the cities with the highest rate of murders is Los Cabos, they have a rate of 111.33 murders per year. Theres Minimum of 25 years of jail time if a firearm is used, otherwise a minimum of 10 years under sentencing guidelines for a person with a clean record. The maximum time someone can spend in prison for murder is life without parole.

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Law school

There are many ways to set forth a career in the field of law. There are also many schools who specialize in law and government. These schools are all around the world and tuition may varie along these schools.

Law schools around the world :

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